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Rolling hills covered in ice and snow as a shadow passes over, an airship carrying troops. a man with light gray hair steps on to the pier. He walks down gear and steam filled alleys on his path to his objective as his men fire into the air at the clouds themselves. the people staring in awe and amazement. the man walks to a small house on the edges of the town, walks through the small yard to the door. he opens the door opens revealing a small white haired child who has the most icy blue eyes that is sitting, and playing with small metal components. "daddy, you're home"! the small boy squeaks as he leaps to his feet, dashes around his small contraptions, and into the mans arms. "hello frost, yes I'm home". a voice from the kitchen is heard "victor? is that you?". as the women walks in victor smiles, the women and victor embrace each other and kiss with the essence of two people to long from each other, frost makes a disgusted face "eww, that's gross" the two adults laugh. afterwards, as the two talk about how the man got home and discuss why he skipped on the arriving home celebration. "I was afraid the gunfire might relapse my memories. don't worry Beatrice". "is that why your on leave?". says Beatrice. before he can answer a small flying robot buzzes past them as frost chases it. "get back here you little bugger". victor snatches it out of the air and examines it. "son, did you make this?" frost looks and grins at his father "of course, that's why it's so awesome". victor gives a small laugh. "yeah, it is pretty good frost, but frost now you know it's much past your bedtime". "aww, but you just got back". "i know buddy, but we have to make sure you have enough energy for tomorrow, you know how tired you get" "yeah i know, my mark does this now so i can be BIG and STRONG later" says frost mocking his parents usual tone. when frost lays down he starts to feel himself being carried off to the far reaches of his dreams of which his mark give him. then he falls in to a deep slumber.

Writers note-

so this is my first real try at public writing, so if you have any criticism, go ahead tell me  :)


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I love to draw (could be better), photography, design, and many other forms of art. I also really enjoy talking to people and helping them with their problems, it's really enjoyable when I really help someone who feels down

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